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Thank you for your interest in Academy Builders, Inc. We are a leader in the emerging Customer Education category. As a result of recent press, many firms have approached us regarding investing in the company. For more information, please send us an email or schedule a call below. We’d love to discuss with you:

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Academy Builders will develop a program that works within your budget. This includes building and managing all aspects of your private academy and making it accessible via desktop and mobile app. Pricing includes a setup fee, management, and monthly user fees.
The challenge is a company’s core competency is building its core products, and not building online education and community. Academy Builders solves this problem by “doing the work for you”. The company delivers a custom built, private label, “academy-in-a-box”. This includes producing all branded content, building out certification programs, and more.
The biggest cultural shift we will see over the next ten years is a move AWAY from universities and TOWARDS companies being the primary educators of business professionals. A branded education, accessible to your customers, at a price everyone can afford, puts your business in a different conversation. When a customer can learn from you, they grow with you.